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The Soul at Work Audio Series


Realign With Your Soul, and Create the Work You Love Everyday.

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Be Miraculous at Work!

Envision jumping out of bed, feeling alive and energized to live your life’s purpose every day.
The Soul at Work can show you how.

This compelling audio program is a step-by-step guide to profiting from miracles. Its powerful insights will teach you how to discard old, limiting beliefs in favor of a new blueprint for success – one that guarantees greater creativity, joy and abundance in your daily work experience. The Soul at Work contains all the information you will need to expertly accomplish your personal goals without self-doubt or procrastination weighing you down. Stop toiling at the “daily grind” and propel yourself forth into Greatness now.

With The Soul at Work you will learn how to:

  • Map out a new life based on your deepest dreams and desires
  • Magnetize wealth
  • Infuse your work with passion, creativity and balance
  • Communicate from the Soul to win over anyone effortlessly
  • Transcend procrastination, fatigue and the hum-drum of the mundane
  • Gain a new-found sense of clarity by introducing stillness into your daily routine
  • Express the innate beauty of your Soul through your work, whatever it may be

Maureen delivers a lot of substance with her message in The Soul at Work, by unveiling the possibilities available to all of us in life. As a career counselor I have watched Maureen cause a chain reaction of hope and unleash miraculous motivation in her listeners. The practical tips and informed inspiration that she gives works!The Soul at Work will expand your mind into new levels of awareness while prompting you to embrace your own infinite potential. Fantastic!”

Susan L., Work Force One

Realign With Your Soul, and Create the Work You Love Everyday.


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