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The Path of the Soul:
Finding the Mystic Within
Audio Series


Clarify, Realign With and Fully Commit to Your Unique Soul’s Path to Live the Life You Were Born to Live, Right Now.

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There is a very specific path that each Soul must take to attain Self-Realization. Are you following yours?

The Path of the Soul gives you an exact map of the once hidden, mysterious terrain of the Soul. It will empower you to clarify, realign with and fully commit to your unique Soul’s Path to live the life you were born to live, right now.

This audio series will show you how to traverse the territory that leads to the Highest Heights, while discerning whether or not you are following the most effective path for YOU. It will give you a feeling of centeredness, clarity and freedom that propels you forward into a total transformation of consciousness like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

With The Path of the Soul you will:

  • Identify specifically where you are on the path to Self-Realization
  • Deepen your spiritual practice and proceed on your journey with greater confidence and commitment
  • Break free from the ego to radically accelerate your evolution
  • Join the fellowship of evolving Souls who are ready to support your (and the earth’s) highest good
  • Develop Mystic Vision to become one of the rare visionaries who sees with purpose and passion, moving towards a life of joy, love and adventure


I thought I was lost but now I’m found! How clearly the Path of the Soul illustrates the mystic path – step by blessed step. So many subtle shifts have taken place inside me. I have renewed enthusiasm, confidence and commitment to continue my spiritual journey.

Mark L., MD/PhD

Find the Mystic within.

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Finding the Mystic Within
Audio Series