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Guided Meditation Series | The Miraculous Healing Meditation Triad


A three part guided meditation series to help you relax deeply and aid in your swift, miraculous recovery.



All of us experience the challenges of illness or physical pain at one time or another.

It’s normal to feel anxious or depressed when your body is in pain. This is especially true if you receive a poor diagnosis or undergo a medical procedure. However, the medical community is only now beginning to acknowledge how detrimental the stress of an ailment can be to your recovery.
According to the chair of psychosocial oncology research at the University of Calgary, “Stress and anxiety can have a dampening effect on the immune system. Hence, people are less likely to recover quickly from medical procedures like surgery and their healing from wounds may be slower.”

Whether your pain is acute or chronic, physical and/or emotional, new or ongoing, the Miraculous Guided Healing Meditation Triad will help you to relax deeply and aid in your swift, miraculous recovery.

Maureen created this guided meditation series for a personal friend and client who was about to undergo major surgery. Almost immediately after recording them, several other people synchronistically requested that Maureen help them deal with their physical maladies, as well. Here are what two of them wrote to her after experiencing the meditations:
Maureen, your meditations have helped me stay calm and trusting in the healing Light of God’s Love while I await my biopsy reports. I feel calm and peaceful and so easily invite healing while listening, and the glow stays with me long after listening. 
– Jennie H.C.
Listening to these mediations last night post-op was the only good thing during a rough night. They made me feel uplifted, supported and very tangibly capable of focusing on peace and healing. Just when I had felt most panicky and in pain. 
– Michelle D.

Maureen is delighted now to offer this powerful guided meditation series to anyone in need of healing. So many have already attested to their miraculously calming effect.

The Miraculous Healing Meditation Triad consists of three guided recordings:
  • Healing and Pain Relief for your Body  (to be used anytime you need pain relief)
  • Meditation for Healing and Relaxation Pre-Surgery
  • Meditation for Rest, Recovery and Healing Post Surgery 
When you are sick or hurt, nothing is more important than allowing yourself to relax and receive! This invites the infinite power of consciousness to heal you. Listen to these recordings to align yourself with that power at the level of silent mind.

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