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The Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community – Core Package

Could it really be possible to eat anything you want and effortlessly maintain your ideal weight? The answer is yes.



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Have You Ever:

  • Quit a diet that you swore you’d stick to, feeling defeated and self-loathing?
  • Triumphantly reached your dieting goals, only to yo-yo back to your original weight, while frantically trying to control your fluctuating waistline?
  • Thought, “Will I ever be able to sit down and really enjoy a guilt-free meal with family and friends?”
  • Felt frustrated and confused by the hundreds of diet “plans” and “experts” out there, all with their own, often contradictory methods of achieving the perfect body?
  • Grown sick of listening to other people tell you how you should eat, exercise and look?

Even if you’re at your ideal weight now, how would you like to finally feel absolutely terrific in your own skin? Food: A Love Story addresses not only your health and well-being, but how you can liberate your entire life. There is a way to be free of guilt, shame, insecurity and confusion, and never think about dieting again…

applesAbout The Food: A Love Story Online Program and Community
An Unforgettable Journey That Redefines Diet

This program requires no drudgery, no unrealistic methods or strict rules. No measuring, weighing, or calorie counting.

What it does require is that you “show up” to your own life, fully and consciously for 30 days. The process is fun and engaging, based on the fictional narrative—similar to The Alchemist or Peaceful Warrior—of a woman named Kate, as she journeys out of yo-yo dieting and into ultimate confidence and satisfaction. But this program is catered specifically to you and your Love Story! Each morning’s lesson is delivered to your email inbox and is accompanied by inspirational thoughts and concrete exercises to help integrate the principles demonstrated by Kate into your own daily life. Throughout the course of the program, you will free yourself from dieting while getting to know (and love!) yourself like never before.

Guided by hands-on support and daily counsel in the Food: A Love Story Online Community, you will feel continually encouraged and never lost or alone in the process.You will finally have help with applying tangible, workable health & wellness principles that are clearly demonstrated in an appealing way. And because Food: A Love Story, 30 Days of Soul-Full Eating was formulated to be easily incorporated into your current routine and lifestyle, it will provide you with more order and consistency in your life right away.

You can finally end all of your struggles with food and stop dieting forever.

The Core Package Includes

  • The Food: A Love Story 30 Day Email Program
  • Access to the Food: A Love Story Online Community – a forum where members like you can interact, contribute to discussions, ask questions, get updates and receive unprecedented support!
  • An orientation video featuring Maureen Whitehouse, exclusively for new members of the Food: A Love Story Online Community
  • Live Q&A webinar sessions with Maureen each week of the program
  • The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse ebook – includes specific guidance and recipes
  • A subscriptions to the Axiom newsletter
  • The Breathe Deep mp3 – a guided deep-belly breathing meditation to help you attain optimum health and even lose weight simply by listening and breathing!
  • Special Report, “The Seven Most Intelligent Foods”


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