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Conscious Parenting Audio Series


Experience the World of the Miraculous with Your Child



Never again experience parenting as though you are traversing dark and uncharted territory. With the Conscious Parenting Audio Series, you and your child will bring Heaven to earth, together. 

The Conscious Parenting Audio Series is an entirely new approach to parenting that will revolutionize the relationships in your family. It upends all the common assumptions and widely-held misconceptions about child rearing that still predominate today, and presents instead a powerful method based entirely on love, presence and appreciation. This comprehensive program will guide you toward becoming the most wise, happy, loving parent you can be, capable of nurturing your child’s inherent delight for life. As you listen to and apply the lessons, your every success will fuel another success mirrored in your child.

Join Maureen Whitehouse in Conscious Parenting and you will discover how to:

  • Effortlessly raise children who are bright, cooperative and compassionate
  • Transcend tears and tantrums
  • Answer any and all problems your child (or you!) may face in life with creativity and grace
  • Give your child the #1 most effective complement
  • Instill within your child the capacity to make self-aware decisions that will help them thrive in life

Listening to Maureen speak about Conscious Parenting, I received a gift more precious than Gold. I learned how to enter the world of the Miraculous every day with my son.

Susan D.

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