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Food: A Love Story Welcome – Supreme Package

Food: A Love Story Welcome – Supreme Package

Welcome [wlm_firstname]!

I am delighted that you’ve chosen to experience Food: A Love Story. This is the journey to rediscover Soul via the love of food.
You are about to begin an amazing transformational adventure.

Here’s what you purchased with the Supremely Soul-Full Package

A Welcome/Orientation Video from Maureen


  • The Breathe Deep Meditation MP3
  • The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse eBook
  • The “Seven Most Intelligent Foods” Special Report
  • Soul-Full Eating eBook

Upon completion of the 30 day program you will receive a link to download the following:

  • Food: A Love Story eBook
  • Food: A Love Story Audiobook

Webpage for all links and resources referenced in Food: A Love Story

To ensure that your Food: A Love Story e-mails get to your inbox, please add to your e-mail Address Book or Safe List. Click here for instructions.

In closing, I would like to note that the journey within–which you’re about to embark on–is the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s not all smooth sailing. There are choppy, yet miraculous waters ahead, so proceed with dedication and utmost trust in your ability to know and love yourself. Go easy on yourself and enjoy this journey (a sense of humor helps a lot!).
You may want to talk with your loved ones, or anyone you live or typically eat with, to be sure they are clued in on the process you are going through. They can offer their support at critical times and even when you are simply enjoying the process.

One last thing, if you choose to gift the program to someone you know who is in need, please have them sign up! This insures that they will be receiving the full benefits of, and customer service offered with, the program. We want everyone to benefit from our full support. This opportunity is important and profound, so please do not share the program content with others who have not signed up for it. Doing so compromises the integrity of the program for you, and for them, and is not in anyone’s best interest.

Now open your mind and heart and get ready to experience an exciting and life-enhancing month, unlike any other you’ve ever had before.

Thank you for being courageous and dedicated to yourself. The most important thing we can do for the world is to learn to love ourselves.

If you experience any problems or have any technical questions about anything, please email Lori at

Blessed journeying…

Only Love,

Maureen Whitehouse
Expert in Personal Development and Enlightenment,
Founder of Axiom, Inc.
Encouraging Individual and Corporate Transformation

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